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Photography by Russ Glindmeier

Russ Glindmeier

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Thank you for visiting my website. As you explore my Portfolio, I hope you find much of the joy I had in capturing these images.

I am a landscape photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  As an Arizona native, I've always had a strong connection with the wonders of the desert. One of my favorite subjects is the relationship between the desert and the lakes and rivers of the American West. I've been fortunate to have enjoyed Arizonas lakes as a boater from a very early age. My love of photography goes back almost as far. I purchased my first 35mm SLR camera while in high school, and a camera has never been far from reach ever since. It was only natural that my love of boating and photography would make a beautiful partnership, so many of my photos are taken from the unique vantage point of a boat on the waters of the Southwest.

The advent of digital photography was a pivotal game changer for me. I purchased my first digital camera in 2000, and it completely reinvigorated my interest in photography. Finally, I could shoot with abandon, experimenting with composition and exposure, and then have the freedom to process my own images, ultimately bringing my vision to life. I shot with film for 30 years and then 23 years ago switched to digital and never looked back. In those 23 years, the technology and my attempts to master it have improved dramatically. I look forward to what the years to come will bring.

I am blessed to have the support of my wife of 34 years, Kathy Glindmeier. Kathy has been my strongest cheerleader and a never-ending source of encouragement and inspiration for my photography, as well as lifes other endeavors. None of this would have been possible without her.

Please take a tour through my Portfolio and in doing so, take a visual tour of some of the most beautiful places in the American West that nature has offered. All of my photos are available for sale from within the Portfolio.  The goal of my photography is to capture a scene in such a way that it makes you Wish You Were Here!

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